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What customers say about shipping a car from Hawaii to mainland (or vice versa) with Montway:

Peter Keough 5.0 Montway is by far the best shipping company we have used, and we have moved with the military 22 times in 32 years. We highly recommend them and will use them again in the future!
Brian Kuchay 5.0 Another great job delivering my motorcycles. This is my second time using Montway and I was not disappointed. Both bikes arrived very quickly and with no damage.
Angel Ortiz-Martinez 5.0 This is my first time ever relying on a vehicle transport company. Montway’s service and human touch were phenomenal. 10/10 recommendation from their staff to their drivers.
Robert Meisel 5.0 I’ve transported several cars across the country and Montway has been the best. They have excellent customer service and provide up-to-date communication. I highly recommend them!
Fabrizio R. 5.0 I don't have enough words to share my great experience. Flawless from the moment I booked my car's transportation from Chicago to Miami until delivery. Very professional service.
Marge C. 5.0 Montway moved my car from Seattle to Houston by Christmas on extremely short notice. The whole process was fast, efficient and hassle-free. I will definitely use Montway again!
Brianna Elmgren 5.0 Sending our second vehicle to Hawaii through Montway was probably the easiest part of our entire move. Less than 3 weeks from Arkansas and we drove our truck off the dock in Honolulu!
James Snell 5.0 Montway Auto Transport did an awesome job moving my weekend sports car from Texas to Minnesota. The driver was in constant contact and the car arrived in excellent condition!
Phil Barnes 5.0 Montway delivered on its promise to be fast and effective. I had my son's car transported from his army base in Kansas to NY. His car was picked up and delivered in just days!
Vicky N. 5.0 I would offer Montway MORE THAN FIVE STARS! It’s rare to find such a reputable and integral service. Montway’s staff is highly accommodating and polite. I’ve already referred a friend.
Christopher M. 5.0 I shipped my 1966 Ford Mustang from CA to IN and couldn't be more satisfied. I received a military discount and my car arrived with no damages. A great service with excellent value!
Janai Stanford 5.0 I shipped my car from AZ to MS where it arrived in just three days. It was so fast! The driver provided ongoing contact and status updates. It was delivered in perfect condition.
BK Ortega 5.0 Montway went above and beyond to get my son's new car to him at the military installation he's stationed at. Delivered on time and in perfect condition. A proven winner in my book!
Carl Harris 5.0 From booking to delivery, my experience was great! Their enclosed transport price was very reasonable and my car arrived in 2 days. I will DEFINITELY use Montway in the future!
Peter G. 5.0 The carrier was EXACTLY on time for both pickup and delivery. The car arrived without a mark. I am extremely satisfied with Montway and would not consider anyone else for car shipping.
Wendy 5.0 This is the third time we’ve used Montway to ship our daughter’s car from Houston to Atlanta and back. We recommend them highly. Pick up and drop off could not be easier!
Scott H. 5.0 Montway relocated my classic corvette across the country and did a fantastic job. Communication was clear and concise. The driver was very professional. Class act!
Nicholas Cape 5.0 Montway did a fantastic job picking up our two classic cars from Baltimore. They had them in Indianapolis the next morning! We couldn’t be happier. It’s our 5th time using Montway.
Keoke 5.0 Very fast!! Pickup of my vehicle in Florida within 24 hrs of contract. Delivered to California two days earlier than estimated. The driver was very polite and took great care of my classic car.
Pat W. 5.0 This is my second time using Montway. I needed cross-country transport during the pandemic. They did an excellent job matching me with a professional driver at a very reasonable price.
Bill Cooper 5.0 Great communication and excellent service! I shipped my daughter's car to her college with no issues. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to friends and family.


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Shipping a car to Hawaii at a glance

Shipping a car to Hawaii (Kauai, O’ahu, Maui, or the Big Island of Hawaii) is facilitated through port-to-port or door-to-port shipping services. In most cases, auto shipping to Hawaii (Honolulu) from NYC takes about 14-19 days, Chicago to Hawaii takes about 13-18 days, and LA to Hawaii around 8-12 days.

Shipping a car to Hawaii

Shipping a car from Hawaii at a glance

Shipping a car from Hawaii (Kauai, O’ahu, Maui or the Big Island of Hawaii) is serviced through port-to-port or port-to-door shipping.

Shipping from

Shipping to

Approximate Shipping Time

New York, NY

Honolulu, Hawaii

14 - 19 days

Chicago, IL

Honolulu, Hawaii

13 - 18 days

Los Angeles, CA

Honolulu, Hawaii

8 - 12 days

How much does it cost to ship a car to Hawaii?

Shipping a car to Hawaii costs around $1,500-$2,100 The cost to transport a car Westbound (to Hawaii) is higher than car shipping Eastbound (from Hawaii). If vehicles are larger than 21’ 8” (length), 7’ (width), or 6’3” (height) — your cost to move the vehicle will be higher.

Cost to ship a car to Hawaii

What’s involved in the cost of shipping a car from or to Hawaii?

Shipping a car to Hawaii (or shipping a car from Hawaii to the mainland) is less complicated than most people imagine. The key is to find an auto transport company with a lot of experience shipping cars to and from the Hawaiian islands — like us here at Montway.

Whether you’ve found your way to this page because you’re curious about the cost to ship a car to Hawaii, you just received your PCS orders, or your family is relocating and you’re ready to book, know that you can depend on Montway for an honest, no-nonsense quote and safe and reliable shipping to the islands or to the mainland.

How much is it to ship a car to Hawaii? Just use our awesome rate calculator to get an instant quote! Or, you can also give us a call (224-300-5434) or contact us on Live Chat!

We ship to/from Hawaii
from/to all 50 U.S. states!

Serviced ports in Hawaii:
We ship to Kauai, O’ahu, Mainland the Big Island of Hawaii

Kauai (Nawiliwili, HI)


O’ahu (Honolulu, HI)


Maui (Kahului, HI)


Big Island of Hawai’i
(Hilo, HI)


Island of Molokai (Kaunakakai, HI)


Island of Lanai (Lanai City, HI)



We ship FROM & TO all states

Serviced ports in Hawaii

(Nawiliwili, HI)

Nawiliwili Harbor

Drop-off/Pick-up Hours
Monday – Friday (Except Wed):
7:00am - 11:30am
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Wednesday: 7:00am - 11:30am
Weekends: CLOSED

(Honolulu, HI)

1411 Sand Island Pkwy

Drop-off/Pick-up Hours
Monday - Friday:
6:00am - 3:45pm
7:00am - 11:45am
Saturday: CLOSED

(Kahului, HI)

Pier 1
Kahanu Street,

Drop-off/Pick-up Hours
Monday - Friday:
7:00am - 11:30am
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Weekends: CLOSED

Big Island of Hawai'i
(Hilo, HI)

Big Island of Hawai'i
Hilo Harbor 55
Kahanu Street Hilo,HI

Drop-off/Pick-up Hours
Monday - Friday:
8:00am - 3:00pm
Weekends: CLOSED

Island of Molokai
(Kaunakakai, HI)

Kaunakakai Harbor
295 Kaunakakai Pl
Kaunakakai, HI

Drop-off/Pick-up Hours
Monday: 7:30AM-2:30PM
Tuesday: 7:30–11:30AM
Wednesday: 1:00–4:30PM
Thursday: 7:30AM–2:30PM
Friday-Sunday: CLOSED

Island of Lanai
(Lanai City, HI)

Kaumalapau Harbor
Hbr, Kaumalapau Hwy
Lanai City, HI

Drop-off/Pick-up Hours
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: 7:30-11:30am
Wednesday: 7:30AM-12:30PM
Thursday: 7:30-11:30AM
Friday-Sunday: CLOSED

How does Hawaii car shipping work?

This is the process of shipping a car from Hawaii to mainland (or shipping a car from the mainland to Hawaii):

Shipping to Hawaii
Shipping from Hawaii

Step 1

Get a quote and book

You can get an instant price quote

and book your order directly through our online calculator, phone, or LiveChat.

Step 2

Vehicle preparation

Having ¼ tank of gasoline or less

in the car.

All cars and trucks being transported over open ocean are required by carrier vessels to have no more than a ¼ tank of gasoline for safety reasons.

Cleaning the vehicle

Your car’s interior and exterior should be thoroughly cleaned before its journey so that a proper inspection can be done at both loading and unloading.

Removing all personal items

The only exceptions for personal items are infant car seats that are installed in your vehicle, a spare tire, a jack, floor mats, and a set of jumper cables.

Making sure your car is in operating condition

Your car MUST have fully operational brakes (including the emergency brake), fully inflated tires, intact windows, no leaking fluids of any kind, and the ability to be closed completely.

Disabling your vehicle’s alarm or finding the remote

If the vehicle has a factory or aftermarket alarm, the remote must be provided at the port or the alarm will need to be disconnected.

Step 3

Vehicle pick up

We offer Door-to-Port service

when shipping your vehicle to Hawaii.

Meaning we will get as close to your door as legally and safely as possible. And we will deliver your vehicle to the port of your choosing.

The other option would be if you are within 50-100 miles from the Mainland port. You can save some money by taking advantage of our port-to-port service. Drop off your vehicle at the port, and let Montway take care of the rest, you will just need to meet your vehicle in Hawaii.

Step 4

Vehicle delivery

Pick-up the vehicle from the port

once your vehicle has cleared inspection and customs. Customer pick up is required.

If you are not available to personally pick up your vehicle from the port, you can designate anyone of your choosing. You will need to contact Montway to update your booking prior to sending anyone to pick up your vehicle. Additionally, your pick-up party will need your booking confirmation number, along with your vessel booking number.

Ready to transport your car with Montway?

Our car shipping advisors are available by calling (888) 666-8929 to answer all your questions.

Frequently asked questions

All shipments (whether you’re shipping a car to Hawaii or shipping a car from Hawaii to the mainland) must be done by either PayPal or 100% on a credit card.

You can get information about the status of your vehicle over the phone or by using our LiveChat system.

You may not leave any personal items in your vehicle during its journey. This is for liability reasons, and please note that the port will conduct a thorough inspection of your car or truck before it ships and remove any personal items before it is loaded. If there are personal items that can’t be removed, your vehicle will be rejected at the port. The only items that may remain in your vehicle are a spare tire, jack, jumper cables, and installed child safety seats.

1. When a vehicle is shipped TO Hawaii from the mainland, no extra paperwork is required.
2. However, when a vehicle is shipped FROM Hawaii to the mainland, owners must provide the following paperwork:

a. If the vehicle is financed or a lease, the drop-off party must have a letter from the lien holder releasing the vehicle for transportation to the mainland on official letterhead and this must be notarized. Note: All notarized letters will only be valid for up to 30 days from the issue stamp date.

b. For cars and trucks that are owned outright, a copy of the title and current registration must be with the vehicle for it to ship.

c. The owner listed on the title of the vehicle must be the shipper, and they will be required to show a photo ID and proof of ownership.

d. If there are two owners listed on the title of the vehicle, both of the vehicle owners must be present with a photo ID or notarized consent from the owner who is not present.

While the ports are not covered, your vehicle will be underneath the deck of a ship for the duration of its journey. It will be well protected en route.

All you’ll need to pick up your car or truck is the Matson booking number, which will be provided by a Montway representative post-booking, once scheduled with the port.

When shipping your vehicle to Hawaii, we offer Door-to-Port service.
Meaning we will pickup your vehicle as close to your door as legally and safely as possible. And we will deliver your vehicle to the port of your choosing in Hawaii.

When you are shipping a car from Hawaii to mainland, you have the following two options:
1. Here at Montway we offer Port-to-Door service. You simply drop your vehicle off at the port, and we will bring your vehicle to your location on the mainland. Let us deal with the hassle, all you need to do is be sure someone is at the delivery location on the mainland to receive your vehicle.
2. Or, you can pick up your vehicle at the port. Depending on where you live, you may have the option to pick up the vehicle from one of our mainland ports. We could even possibly save you some money!

The cost of shipping a car to Hawaii will depend on a variety of factors, from the make and model of your car or truck to the ports of departure and entry. The best way to find out how much it is to ship a car to Hawaii (or how much to ship a car from Hawaii to the mainland) is to use our online calculator or simply contact us for a free auto transport quote.

The cost to ship a car from Hawaii to the mainland will be relatively the same as shipping a car to Hawaii if the distance, transport type and booking timing are relatively the same.

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