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How long does it take to ship my car?

Depends on where you are shipping your vehicle

Distance in miles

Calendar days

0 - 200

1 - 2

200 - 600

2 - 4

600 - 1000

3 - 5

1000 - 1500

4 - 6

1500 - 2000

5 - 7

2000 - 2400

6 - 8

2400 and up

7 - 9

* times are estimated

Pickup window

This is the time it takes to pick up your vehicle starting from your "desired pickup date". It is not part of your transit time and generally takes 1-5 days.

The possible advantages of meeting the trucker

If you are shipping to or from a rural area, it may take longer. Consider meeting the trucker in or near a major metropolitan area to decrease the price and speed up your shipment.

Delivery date & time

The delivery date depends on your estimated transit time. Once your order is dispatched, you receive an estimated arrival date. Know that it is difficult to pinpoint an exact day and time for delivery. Factors such as weather, traffic and other car loads can affect it.

Delayed delivery

Weather conditions such as rain, snow, high winds, etc. may occur along your route. In these cases, delivery may be delayed due to weather conditions.

Early delivery

Can great weather and good traffic be a bad thing? Possibly. It may cause your vehicle to be delivered ahead of the estimated schedule.

If you need a guaranteed pickup or delivery date, please call our auto transport logistics specialists and let them know that you need expedited shipping. For more details, please visit our Expedited Transport page.

Communication with your trucker is the key to a successful car shipment.
You have their number and they have yours. Usually truckers will call you hours in advance to give you an estimated drop-off time. They call again when they are in the area to give you a more specific hour of arrival.

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